Friday, April 2, 2010

Hyderabad..the city that was?

Been out of this city for a while and each time i've come back for a short break, something seems wrong. Telangana,riots ..lists is endless. Keep wondering why does this have to happen here and one after the other. It's not the people who r to be blamed, its these bloody politicians.

Lets look at Telangana first. Before i go further into this topic i would like to clarify my stand.I am Pro United AP else would like to see Hyd as a UT. Now, i wanna ask these people who protested where were they for so many years? Why dint they protest the way they did earlier? Opportunistic leaders who saw a power vacuum after the demise of the CM are to be blamed. All they want is power and money and would go to any extremes to achieve it. These losers need to be thrown out! What do they know/care about Telangana i ask!

Riots! Got damn the very same politicians again! I vouch for every hyderabadi i know irrespective of the religion that both these communities have lived in harmony and would continue to do so but again these bloody politicians cant see this and need to play spoilsport!

Dont they realise that they are screwing up this city! We've lost alot in the past 6-7 months which is pretty obvious. The question to be asked is why are we letting them do this? why are we so indifferent? Answers we need to search for fast else it would be too late and we would have lost whatever we have left...

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Return of me!

Its been ages since i posted..reasons galore! and i promise to be back soon...okay gotta run off again!! Ah! an MBA life!

Friday, November 27, 2009

One Life to Love!!

The past 2 days have been very strange and a lesson for every one on campus that studying aint the only thing in life..a classmate of mine had to be hospitalized due to stress related problems which lead to a slight mental imbalance...thank god he is mostly out of it , but would take time to recover from it...Is studying 24/7 the only thing in life?? Is giving up precious amt of minimum sleep for that extra grade or pay check worth it?? Whats the point of screwing urself mentally and physically and whats the point of these high grades and fat pay checks when u dont have the mental peace or arent in a position to enjoy it!!! Hopefully this example would make everyone atleast here rethink on what they actually want and how better to have a work-life balance...i wouldnt like to write more on this as i think each one of us needs to introspect on until next healthy cause its One Life to Love!!!

Saturday, October 31, 2009


Have u ever called a girl.."haathi mere saathi" ?? Trust me ur in for some shit!! Oh man they hate being called so and are super sensitive about such frivolous things!! They are fat!I am just being polite by using a milder term! Why dont they just agree with the same and carry on in life but no, they gotta get all senti about it and go about making the person who said those lines(in this case me), the mean sadist!!

Why cant they just take jokes for gods sake!!!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

CV?Certificates??What bullshit!!!!

Hmmm... what makes a good CV? I never realised the importance of doing stuff just to add it onto my CV . I used to laugh at ppl who used to take part in competitions as well as used to organize events just for certificates. Now i know whose having the last laugh!! However unimportant it might be..take the bloody certificate..take part in the bloody compettion !! it helps to fill up ur so called ordinary(milder form of bullshit) CV!!Especially if ur fresher!!! so as i sit in disgust looking at my CV..i wonder why i dint do what the rest of the herd does!! So until next time..happy CV Building!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Sad ! Sadder ! Saddest ! 4 hrs sleep in 64 hours ! One humongous Assignment! 18 sessions! Insomnia! That's my 22nd!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Election Fever!!

Contesting in elections, knowing ur not "Mr popular" is fun!! u have nothing to loose..the results will be out in a few hours!! i know i wont win because of the skewed 6:1 ratio and also that ive never wanted to be popular in college...ill never know how much ive lost by but am sure as an under dog i have ruffled a few feathers!!! This is just the begining... elections'10 it is!!!!!

“Sitaaron se aage jaahaan aur bhi hai Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain Tu shahin hai parwaaz hai kaam tera Tere samne aasman aur bhi hain"